About Us


Elusive Escape Rooms opened in June of 2016. We now have two locations in the Dells area with a combined total of 10 escape rooms! This is one of the largest Escape Rooms Facilities on The U.S.A. 

Cost Per Person

Number of Persons per Room

How it started…

Elusive Escape Rooms started with Aaron and Kathy Troxel. They went to Dallas for a trip to do some research for their local Rotary Club. When they had some free time they found an Escape Room. Neither had played or even heard of an escape room before so they thought they’d give it a shot. Long story short, Elusive Escape Rooms was created! Aaron and Kathy knew they couldn’t take on the journey themselves so they reached out to Aaron’s father, Bill Troxel, and a life-long friend of Aaron’s, Darren Schwinefus. After a brief conversation, they were both on board with the idea!

The first question asked was where were they going to build? Without hesitation, the team started the planning process for the waterpark capital of the world – Wisconsin Dells!

After looking at several properties, they finally chose the perfect location! Once the final rooms are fully completed, Elusive Escape Rooms will have 7 rooms to choose from. This is one of the largest Escape Room facilities in the country! We are excited to serve the friends and families that are ready to vacation, have fun, and enjoy life!